painting with forest

11. Juni 2013
…did you know that you can use your camera as a paint brush?


11. Juni 2013
Hagia Sophia
…inside the Hagia Sophia.

gateway to Asia

11. Juni 2013
Haydarpasa train station
On our first boat trip across the Bosporus our sight was limited due to sea fog on the water. But this fog also added a nice touch to the Haydarpasa Terminal, the western terminus of the former Baghdad Railway.

Faces of Luba village

5. April 2013

Faces of Luba village Faces of Luba village

Luba is an old village near Bajawa at the foot of Mount Inerie. The community still lives by the old Ngada culture. Their houses are constructed with typical high-thatched-roofes and the village has a small center where shrines representing the clan’s ancestors. As everywhere in Indonesia the people are very open and friendly and they welcome everybody. Even though we don’t speak Indonesian, it is possible to communicate with them.

the mysterious Gunung Kelimutu

20. März 2013
Mount Kelimutu is a volcano which contains three summit carter lakes of varying colors. When we went up there very early in the morning we had to fight gusty winds and at first we couldn’t see any of the lakes, they were cloaked in clouds. Only every 10 minutes or so we caught a glimpse of the blood red, the turquoise and the deep blue lake.

“What, me worry?”

14. März 2013

Sometimes I think “wait a minute, I know this face!” Do you know this feeling, too? It is especially weird when you are thousands of kilometer away from home.

What about this young face here, doesn’t it look very familiar to you? I think he looks like an Indonesian version of Alfred E. Neuman, except he is not missing a tooth :-)

By the way, “What, me worry?” is Neuman’s famous and intellectually incurious motto since 1950.

promised land

14. Dezember 2012
promised land
to me this looks like the promised land but also I will promise to return to that land one day, since South Africa really is such a beautiful place to be!

the real Garden Route

12. Dezember 2012
the real Garden Route
seen at Cape Point, South Africa